As a boutique firm, we carefully limit our client base in each industry we serve. This allows us to recruit from a broad range of companies, including your direct competitors, to deliver candidates who meet your specific requirements.

  • We will exclusively represent the interests of our client companies. Our fees are tied to fulfilling your search requirements, not to assisting individuals seeking employment. As a result, we will make progress charges based on the work we have performed for you, rather than charging contingency placement fees.
  • At the start of each assignment, we will work with you to define the objectives and scope of the assignment, and to determine an equitable fee and payment schedule for our professional services.
  • We will only accept search assignments that match our professional capabilities and business ethics. 
  • We will never recruit any individual employed by one of our current clients. We maintain this prohibition for a minimum of two years following the completion of a search assignment.
  • We will never use any confidential information gained in the course of an assignment in a way that does not serve the best interests of our clients.
  • We maintain complete confidentiality about every assignment and are committed to representing our clients with the highest level of professionalism.
  • Lasher Associates affirms, without reservation, the principle of equal opportunity in employment and will not discriminate against qualified candidates for any unlawful reason including race, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability.
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