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Medical Devices
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Armed with a new FDA approved safe and effective alternative to conventional suturing for certain types of lacerations, this company had to rapidly expand manufacturing from laboratory lot sizes to full commercial quantities. Because the scale-up technology required very specific chemical engineering experience involved cyanoacrylate adhesives, very few people had this experience. We successfully found the right person in Puerto Rico who had managed a significant plant that produced cyanoacrylate. The product was successfully launched and quickly found acceptance in emergency rooms and clinics all over the country.

Clinical Diagnostics
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A major European health care products company had purchased a diagnostics business in the Midwest and the acquired management team wanted to accelerate the development of a new immunoassay system. This is a powerful random access bench top analyzer that performs a variety of assays, with panels that include anemia, cardiovascular, reproductive, thyroid, infectious disease, blood virus, skeletal, tumor markers and specialty assays. We were engaged to find a PhD. with specific experience including state-of-the-art chemiluminescent technology. We found the right scientist working for a major company Sweden and willing to relocate. The immunoassay system continues to be a very successful product.

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A Maryland-based biopharmaceutical company had successfully raised $46 million through an IPO, and was now seeking a merger with a larger company to accelerate its growth through access to larger assets.

Although the merger between the two publicly held companies offered significant advantages for executives at both companies, the senior vice president of clinical affairs resigned to pursue other interests. We were immediately engaged to recruit a M.D./PhD. with:

an established reputation in the design of clinical trials for immunological vaccines

the capability of managing a staff that included ten other MDs and twelve Ph.D. specialists

Because Wall Street was closely watching these events, we had to move rapidly to find a candidate who would satisfy the requirements of executives at both companies. After a highly concentrated search, we found the perfect candidate, helping to ensure a smooth merger between the two companies.

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The CEO of a mid-cap, public pharmaceutical company assigned us the ask of confidentially replacing the Chief Financial Officer with someone who would assist the CEO in a major strategic change of direction, would manage IT and HR in addition to accounting and finance. Candidates had to carefully fit the culture established by the CEO and be capable of assuming additional responsibilities that, ideally, would lead to eventually becoming CEO. The company successfully navigated the change in strategy over three years during which time the CFOs responsibilities grew to becoming CEO.

Software and IT Solutions
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The CEO of a private company that provides administrative software solutions for post-secondary education institutions was faced with the resignation of the COO. The company had successfully captured 65% market share in their niche and the CEO saw this as an opportunity to replace the COO with an executive from a different niche in the market as a means of expanding the business. We found the new COO who brought a different market experience as required as well as the leadership skills to help the founder grow the company.

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A New England-based manufacturer of semiconductors was acquired by our client, which retained us to recruit a president with proven capabilities in operations and the marketing of semiconductors.

The candidate had to be "a good fit" with the venture partner and also be capable of developing the companys infrastructure and people in order to grow the business and take it public.

After identifying 274 prospects at 88 semiconductor manufacturers throughout the United States, we found 10 to be viable candidates with the requisite experience and skills. The client made their selection from seven finalist candidates, and is now seeking additional businesses to acquire and integrate.

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We will be adding a second financial case study coming soon!

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The CEO of a $100 million manufacturer of specialized electro-mechanical devices had been promoted from within and inherited a Vice President of Operations who had created multiple problems. The VP had destroyed morale, had not implemented current manufacturing processes and controls, and was not cooperating with the management team. This all led to costly inefficiencies that were retarding the company. Confidentially, we were given the task of replacing the VP with an executive who could rebuild morale and bring all facets of manufacturing operations into a best practices position.

  1. When Rolls Royce unveiled their jet engine repair facility in Miami, they engaged our firm to conduct the search for their General Manager.
  2. When Cleveland Pneumatic, the world's premier manufacturer of aircraft landing gears, opened a new facility to repair landing gears for all the major airlines, they retained our firm to conduct the search for their Chief Operations Executive.
  3. Varta, the largest battery manufacturer in the world, called upon us to recruit a top sales executive.
  4. The premier U.S. manufacturer of movable and relocatable walls engaged us to find their Chief Operating Officer.

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We will be adding a second manufacturing case study soon!

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A mid-cap, NASDAQ traded manufacturer of consumer durables engaged our firm to confidentially replace their Chief Financial Officer. The CFO had not implemented sound accounting procedures and the errant accounting resulted in a public restatement of financial results. This nationwide search had to be conducted quickly, confidentially and focused on a CPA with a manufacturing background, current familiarity with SEC, global operations, and could lead the effort to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley while rebuilding accounting systems and controls.

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A neutraceutical and holistic health company came to us because they needed to professionalize their management team. They had experienced explosive growth mostly through word-of-month advertising and in order to continue growing, they needed to formalize a marketing and sales department that could take them to the next level. We were assigned the task of finding the Vice Presidents of Marketing and Sales and the Western Regional Sales Manager. The difficulty of the assignment was that they wanted professional managers with experience in top-tier consumer products goods companies, who embraced the spirit and mission of our client. We were able to find executives with the right combination of experiences, who supported the principles and life-style the company represented.

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Current Assignments for Church and Para-Church Organizations


Lookout Mountain Community Church, Lead Pastor (Colorado)

1800 Members (EPC) (Golden, Colorado)


Assignments Completed by Dan Bronson

For Church and Para-Church Organizations

Chattanooga Christian School (K-12), President,


Christian Union, Ivy League Campus Ministry, Executive Vice President, (Princeton, NJ)

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (7th-12th), Headmaster (Ohio)


First Baptist Church, Elk Grove, CA, Senior Pastor (2,000 Members)

Flatirons Community Church, Senior Pastor, 4,000 Members,

(Evangelical Free), Lafayette, CO

Fourth Presbyterian School (K-8), Head of School, (Maryland)

Grace Community Christian School (K-8th), Head of School (Tempe, Arizona)

Greater Miami Youth for Christ, Executive Director

Lexington Christian Academy (6-12), Director Development (Lexington, MA)

Lookout Mountain Community Church, Executive Pastor, 1800 Members (EPC) (Golden, Colorado)

Lookout Mountain Community Church, Lead Pastor (Colorado)

1800 Members (EPC) (Golden, Colorado)


Phoenix Christian Unified Schools, (Pre K-12), Superintendent (Arizona)

Westminster Christian School, Superintendent/CEO (Miami, FL)

Westminster Schools Augusta (K-12), Headmaster (Georgia)

Youth for Christ, President of USA, (Colorado)



Other Non-Profit Assignments Conducted by Lasher Associates


Aid to the Church In-Need, Executive Director, New York, NY

American Christian Family Network, President, Boca Raton, FL

American Maritime Officers Plans, Chief Financial Officer, Dania, FL

American Printing House for the Blind, Director Research and Development, Louisville, KY

Ava Maria College, Vice President Development. Ypsilanti, MI

Florida International University, Controller, Miami, FL

Food for the Poor, Director of Advertising, Director Corporate Fundraising, Director of Marketing, Pompano Beach, FL

Ocean Reef Community Association, Executive Director, Key Largo, FL

Peter Lowe International, Chief Operating Officer, Tampa, FL

Sawgrass Community Church, Pastor, Weston, FL


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Our client, a clinical diagnostics company that had grown to just under $1 billion in revenue but was still privately owned, wanted to add outside directors to its Board for the first time in its history. After extensive meetings with the client, we determined that the requirements for the position included the following parameters:

  • The candidate must be a contemporary of the founders
  • The candidate had to have managed a global technology company that was significantly larger than our clients company
  • The candidate had to have contended with the complex issues facing large private companies in transition, including trust and inheritance matters involving the founder's family, issues related to taking a large company into the public market, etc.

Our comprehensive search netted 50 prospects that met the clients fundamental criteria. Of these, we selected ten who proved highly attractive to our client. We approached each of them and then presented three finalist candidates for our clients review.

The candidate who was selected for the position met all of our initial criteria. He was also compatible with our client and had grown a private, technology-based company from $100 million to $26 billion. This talented executive, a former CEO of Xerox, was selected to serve as our clients first outside director.

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We will be adding a second Corporate Governance case study soon!

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An emerging, point-of-care diagnostic company was quickly approaching commercialization of their proprietary technology but required additional capital to build their company rapidly. Although they had an experienced management team with a track record of raising capital and selling a predecessor company, they decided to recruit a new CEO with a marquee resume. Their plan was to increase the opportunity of raising significant capital and advance the development of the company under this seasoned executive. After an extensive national search, the selected candidate was confidentially written into the business plan as the company was evaluated by sources of capital. Upon capitalization, the new CEO joined the company.

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We will be adding a second Emerging Companies case study soon!

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Our client is a major international advertising firm with offices throughout Latin America. They were interested in hiring a new general manager for their office in Chile. They felt comfortable that they knew all the potential candidates in the local market but wanted to be sure that they did not miss out on a Chilean who might be in another country and was interested in repatriating. As a result, we were asked to assist them in finding a Chilean (or foreign national who had resided in Chile), who was currently living in another part of the continent. Our search covered every Latin American market, the continental US, Canada and Spain. Upon reviewing the slate of candidates we presented they were able to finalize their choice.



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