Why should you hire Lasher Associates for a retained executive search?

At Lasher Associates, we place our clients' long-term needs first and foremost. We are committed to helping you implement your business strategy, not just to completing a successful search assignment. This is the cornerstone of our business philosophy - our clients' satisfaction is the key measure of our success.

Beyond that, it comes down to three things - People, Process, and Performance

  • Experienced Professionals - The Lasher Associates Team

    Lasher Associates is led by a highly skilled team of experienced principals from diverse and complementary backgrounds.
    • A Boutique Firm Offers the Right Mix of Size and Service
      As a boutique firm with a select client base, we are free to search within a far greater number of companies to recruit experienced candidates. We are small enough to ensure each client one-on-one attention, yet sufficiently large to provide the most sophisticated capabilities and the broadest network of relationships.
    • Personalized Service by Senior Consultants
      We give each client the responsive, personal attention that builds lasting relationships. You will work only with our senior team of experienced consultants.
    • Teamwork
      Our consultants form dedicated search teams to meet the specific requirements of each assignment, whether it's multi-industry, multi-functional, or multi-cultural.
    • Integrity
      Our integrity and ethical work practices has always been -- and will continue to be -- an integral part of who we are. We will always treat clients, and all job candidates, with respect and professional courtesy.
  • A Proven Process for Finding The Best Candidate
    Our Strategic Search Process provides the seven-step foundation to a successful executive search
    • Meet with Client to Define the Position
    • Conduct Strategic Research
    • Leverage Our Network of Sources
    • Interview and Evaluate Candidates Using Your Established Criteria
    • Check References Thoroughly
    • Assist with Candidate Selection and Compensation Plan
    • Ensure a Smooth Transition
  • Proven Performance
    • Our Record of Excellence
      We have successfully conducted hundreds of searches in virtually every major industry and functional area. Our clients value our experience and dedication to helping them shape the future of their companies by recruiting the best executives they can attract. It is the reason why companies have relied upon us for years.
    • Broad Geographic Reach
      Our multilingual search professionals have conducted hundreds of searches throughout the U.S. and the Americas to identify industry leaders. Whether you need a search conducted across the domestic United States or throughout the Americas, you can be assured of a thorough and comprehensive search for the best executives to meet your requirements.
    • Our Commitment to a Long-Term Partnership
      The trusted relationships we build with your senior executive team give us an understanding of your unique business, and the internal dynamics of your organizational culture and corporate philosophy. This knowledge provides the sensitivity we need to identify and evaluate executives with exactly the right mix of personal and professional skills that you require.
    • Customized Solutions
      Every client and each assignment is unique so will not use an existing database of people to identify candidates for you. Instead, our consultants will create a custom-designed search strategy and database that addresses your specific requirements and expectations.
    • Guaranteed Results
      We guarantee to provide your first slate of candidates within 30 days. Most firms will not.

Why should you hire us instead of a firm that "specializes" in your industry?

We carefully limit our client base in each industry we serve. This enables us to recruit from your direct competitors while honoring our relationships with current clients and conducting a thorough search for the best candidates.

Our consultants has extensive experience with specific industries, functions and geographic markets. They collaborate on every assignment, working as a team to develop the most effective solutions to our clients' needs. This multi-industry collaboration is a hallmark of our firm and distinguishes us among other firms.

Do we keep a database?

Since every search is unique, we don't rely on a pool of existing candidates or a generic database of current candidates. Instead, we employ our seven-step Strategic Search Process to identify and locate the best candidates for each assignment. For each search, we create a real-time database that's uniquely customized to your needs and specifications. This database includes only the most up-to-date, current information on potential candidates who match your detailed and specific search requirements.

Why don't we list our clients on our website?

A great deal of our work is highly sensitive or confidential. Therefore, we do not publish the names of the companies we represent. Our clients value our discretion.

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